Option 01


200 Photos
20 Videos
3-yr Usage License

Aimed at exactly what you're looking for, we want to be sure that the BBS team can hit their social calendars with ease.

$9200/mo (perpetuity license)

Option 02


150 Photos
15 Videos
3-yr Usage License

Some months are low and some are high. If you want to be a bit more budget-friendly, this will help to keep numbers down while maintaining high-end visuals throughout.

$8000/mo (perpetuity license)

Option 03


100 Photos
10 Videos
3-yr Usage License

This option will stay within an attainable budget and still have aesthetically pleasing content to fill in any gaps.

$6600/mo (perpetuity license)


Video count is determined by minute total. For ex. Option 3 can have 10 one-minute videos or 2 five-minute videos.

Pricing does not include budgets for models, hand models, tools or props. We can set a number for this ahead of time or invoice at the end of the month.

Before each month, we can make an agreement on which option you would like to retain, however, the license term cannot be changed from month to month.

It will be important to give as much detail to the individual photo or videos ahead of time in order to lessen the amount of revisions.