film Style

This is a moodboard that captures the visual inspiration of what we will be achieving with your founder's film. Our ideal look would be one that accentuates the heart-felt message you'll be telling the audience.

Below, you will find previous films we shot that have a similar tone or message to this project.



social Photography

This collection represents the trending style that would fit best with your company's look and feel.

Our goal is to build a content library for your team to be able to pull from as needed. In order to achieve this, we plan on front-loading the initial month's efforts.






    • 1 Full-Day (8 hours)

    • Director, DP, Hair & Makeup

    • Audio Capture



    •  Principle Production 



    • Editing

    • Color-Correcting/Grading

    • Motion Graphics

    • Music Licensing



    • 1 Founder's Film with B-roll


  • Initial Month

    • 20 images across 3 days


  • Recurring Months

    • 10 images across 3 days


Estimated film Budget  $2,000


INITIAL month  $750
recurring months  $450



PHOTOGRAPHY PARAMETERS: Maximum 3 content shoots per month. No events or portrait sessions are included in this model. Perpituity rights are granted. Content may be a mix of photo and video. Invoice balance due at the end of the completed month. Model compensation not included.