Distilled Talks

This series would focus on bringing together tastemakers and notable community members. From individuals within the beverage industry to artists, there is a bridge that connects each of us. The objective is to discover that connection over a Grey Goose cocktail.

Estimate Cost
$3,000-5,000 per video



Bartender Highlights

The bartender is the translator between the spirit and patron. As we know, it takes more than knowing what mixers and spirits go together when making a cocktail. We intend to dive in to the life experiences and the mindset that makes each drink special for every guest.

Estimate Cost
$3,000 per video



Event Coverage

Our specialty is adding our touch to any type of project. People gathering with a round of cocktails is such a natural occurrence, that capturing the event would make for a film that shows off the true camaraderie of a group.

Estimate Cost
$2,500-4,000 per video



Social Media Content Creation

We have several clients look to us to capture the essence of the brand and ultimately engage their viewers. By offering services that range from photo, video and cinema graphs, Fort Lion Studio is your one stop shop.

Estimate Cost
based on demand