Our film concept revolves around the idea of capturing the following criteria.


Pre Event 

This would be done in a "run and gun" manner to create anticipation while capturing behind the scenes moments.


Event Coverage

The event will be captured in a smooth, cinematic way. Highlighting the elements of the show and ending with a feeling of accomplishment.



Telling the origin, vibe and future of the collective, ultimately providing context. If we can have a custom abstract background, it will help to establish a brand familiarity. Otherwise, going for a raw industrial look. Mostly audio will be used.



Our hope is to capture the idea and concept of the company and event. We'll make this statement across imagery that shows both the diversity of the artists as they hang their art or prepare for the show. The event footage will include little moments that happen like beers being opened, guests meeting the artists, engaging with the art itself and the environment created specifically for this event. Our approach is more on the side of a short documentary film where we can then use the same footage to create individual clips for promotional collateral. 


Reference Video

This is a film similar to what we have in mind.




Production: $2,550
Post Production: $150
Final Videos: $850

Total: $3,550

We will be shooting for a full day on the day of the event to capture the artists bringing in their art and arranging the space. We'll also stay to capture the event. Any studio cost will be included in rate. 

For the interview, we will need approximately 4 hours on a scheduled day. Cost of studio is included in rate.

Post production time lays the ground work for the final individual videos.

The final videos will include a full feature (full concept shown above), a trailer version of the full feature, and individual videos showing each part of the video from behind the scenes, event day and the interview. (5 videos in total.)

Music license is included and usage license is in perpetuity.