The Story

This film will feature 5 characters that represent the diversity and uniqueness Neiman Marcus has to offer. The five we have chosen are Bold Minimalist, Chic Androgynous, Club Kid, Feminine, & Rocker Chic.


The scene opens with FEMININE waking up in a lavish hotel room and giving herself a little spritz of perfume to start her day. Walking in through the city streets, we see CLUB KID scoping out where she’s headed next. ROCKER CHIC is at home looking in the mirror to figure out her hairstyle and color palette. She grabs some possible garments from her closet and we transition to FEMININE working out the same issue. Meanwhile, CLUB KID is walking into her next venue where she sees a familiar face on stage. BOLD MINIMALIST is in the middle of her set when she notices CLUB KID amidst the crowd. In a classic convertible, we are introduced to CHIC ANDROGYNOUS riding around the city with the top down. As FEMININE finishes getting dressed, she runs down to be met by CHIC ANDROGYNOUS in the convertible. The two drive around to pick up their next rider, ROCKER CHIC. As ROCKER CHIC puts on her last pop of color, she jumps into the car with her girls and they head off. At this point, BOLD MINIMALIST finishes her set and goes to meet with CLUB KID. They have a drink and share some laughs. CHIC ANDROGYNOUS, FEMININE, & ROCKER CHIC pull up to their next destination, look to the building and see BOLD MINIMALIST & CLUB KID walking out and they walk about their city having the time of their life.



The Style

The look and feel of this film will highlight the individuality of each character with a fast-paced edit. This cinematic ad will be geared towards captivating the attention of the viewer quickly with its energy, and holding it through its story.

Below, you can see our moodboard for the color grade and overall feel along with the tone we're setting with music style.


Model Cast Type