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Yesi Sukilynn Fortuna



At the tender age of 17, Yesi saw the photo that would change her life forever. Seeing the beautiful Erin Wasson, a fellow Texan, on pages of a magazine created a spark that would later become the fire of passion for photography. After graduating high school, every single decision she made was in the interest of becoming the fashion editorial photographer she is today. Along the way, she has picked up the skills and traits necessary to build the foundation of Fort Lion Studio. 

The key is passion & persistence.


Coming from Sukilynn Photography, she has learned the delicate art of directing models into comfort with ease despite having a camera between her and the subject. Since adding the title of producer she continues to carry over her tentative nature to put the clients' mind at ease by allowing them to make one phone call to Fort Lion Studio. Driven by the moments between gestures, Yesi directs her photography by the flow of movement.


Joshua Fortuna



Since spending six years post graduation from The Art Institute of Dallas working his way up the ranks in design agencies, he learned the skills that he'd eventually need to fill his future role as Partner and Filmmaker at Fort Lion Studio. The stark difference of having learned design by academia and filmmaking being trial by fire makes him the well-rounded creative he is today. He finds the joy in combining the techniques of hand-lettering, graphic design, and animation with his filmmaking.

Work hard & stay humble.


Having gone through many phases of his creative journey over the years, Joshua has settled into his most meaningful role as filmmaker. Being able to convey the story of the people is what drives him to continue crafting films.


Winny Fortuna

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