Hook & Albert had a few issues that had to be solved. For their 2018 Collection ad, they needed to showcase their entire product line in under 60 seconds while showing the functionality. With the Garment Weekender ad, they needed to promote their flagship product to their consumer in new and innovative way. On one hand, they reach the same potential consumer with fresh ads to keep them engaged with the brand. On the other hand, they are constantly getting in front of new consumers that need to be educated on the function and versatility of the products.



In the 2018 Collection ad, we found a way to show both the versatility and the style of the product line by playing with the juxtaposition of the function and solution in the same frame throughout the ad. This resulted in a fun, creative ad to showcase the entire product line.

When it came to the Garment Weekender ad, we knew we had to strip away everything we've done in the past to create this airy fresh look and feel for a product the consumer has seen many times before. Another way we were able to achieve an experience that was new for the Hook & Albert consumer is that we delivered this in a vertical format to run as an Instagram Story ad.

SERVICES Pre-Production, Production, & Post-Production
CLIENT Hook & Albert
PRODUCER Yesi Sukilynn Fortuna
GRIP Ashley Valle
MODEL Robert Cody Maxwell